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Welcome to the Northern region of Ghana

Explore the Northern Region of Ghana! Tamale is the capital of this, once Ghana’s largest region. Since 2018 it comprises the Savannah and North-East region.

Dagomba ethnic group is one of the region’s largest in this region and 60% of the population is Muslim. For many locals here, agriculture is the primary means of income. The Northern region also boasts a diverse linguistic landscape, with languages such as Dagbani, Mamprusi, and Konkomba spoken alongside English.

Discover the rich history and culture of the Northern Region in some of the most popular landmarks such as the Naa Gbewaa Palace, Naa Binbegu Boabab Tree, Yendi, Buntaga Irrigation Dam, Sabali (also River Oti), or the Nawuni River (White Volta). While exploring, don’t forget to try some of the Northern Region’s delicacies like tuozafi or Omotuo with grounut soup.

The people of the Northern Region are welcoming and extremely wonderful hosts, making this a perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Ghana.

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