Ko-Sa Restaurant

Ko-Sa Restaurant

Our open air Ko-Sa restaurant at the beachfront is the best place to enjoy our delicious dishes. Our friendly staff will spoil you not only with excellent service but most with delicious local, continental and vegetarian dishes

Drinks after the tour

Ancestral Flavours Coffee and Juice Lounge

Complete your visit to the Cape Coast Castle with a visit to Ancestral Flavours Coffee and Juice Lounge located inside Cape Coast Castle and fresh your self with freshly brewed coffee and freshly squeezed juices to invigorate your soul, body and mind after a traumatic Touring experience in the Cape Coast Castle.

Ko-Oki Beach Bar

Ko-Oki Beach Bar

When you think about Africa, you think about coffee beans. We at Ko-Oki Beach Bar serve fresh coffee, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and espresso.

Main entrance

Trafix Restaurant

Trafix offers an International cuisine to satisfy the taste of anyone from any corner of the globe.

We offer tastes of standard.

Our motto: Quality Cooking, Quality Service.

Centre For National Culture

Discover Ghana's vibrant cultural heritage at the Centre for National Culture in Kumasi. Experience traditional arts, crafts, music, and dance, and engage in hands-on workshops. An enriching destination to celebrate Ghanaian traditions.

Ace Tantra

Bloom Bar

Club 69