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Why we do what we do...

About Us

Hey travellers, tour operators, foodies, travel agents, event organizers, journalists, influencers, and everyone interested in learning more about Ghana as your next top travel destination!

Welcome to GhanaTRVL, where we share everything you need to know about visiting Ghana. Our goal is to pique your curiosity and inspire you to visit, explore, and discover our beautiful country. We also want to make sure you know about the local businesses and products that make Ghana special. One of our main goals is to help them become competitive on both the national and the international stage, so that you, our visitors, can have a great experience wherever you go in Ghana.

Creating Audience

We market to culturally curious travellers with different preferences through fresh articles and visual materials on our website and social media channels.

We write about current events, places to visit, culture, and food – all the topics our visitors want to know about. We also create viral, thematic, and creative campaigns, from family vacations to spa holidays, to create a bigger impact and inspire to travel.

Creating Focus

We introduce the world to local businesses and amazing travel experiences through attractive 'Portfolios' that will inspire travellers to book their tickets and experience everything Ghana has to offer.

Creating Visibility

We promote Ghana as a destination not just to travellers, but also to international businesses and media.

We make sure relevant and influential media representatives and potential business partners know about Ghana and its opportunities in the best and most realistic way possible.

We value and promote cultural and diplomatic connections.

Strength in Partnerships

We collaborate with local partners to promote Ghana as a travel and business destination. Our goal is to become a leading local tourism information platform in Ghana that can work together to bring the country 'back to life'.

We believe that all businesses, big and small, working together can achieve more than they can on their own.

Although run from Ghana for Ghana, we are proud to partner with I-TRVL, an international tourism back-bone provider, to strengthen our efforts.

The power is in together!

Our partners

Analytical Approach

We are active members of global tourism networks and believe in harnessing data and numbers to make informed decisions. With a comprehensive overview and understanding of the tourism situation in Ghana, we can help tourism companies make business decisions and offer context for future development planning across businesses.

By comparing Ghana's tourism results to the rest of the world, we can tailor the best approach and steps to take to achieve our goals together.

Experience Ghana

Experience the authentic beauty and culture of Ghana with GhanaTRVL. Our curated travel packages and personalized guides provide for an immersive and hassle-free vacation, giving you the opportunity to truly discover the hidden gems of the Gold Coast.

Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on creating unforgettable memories.