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Pan-African Rout Experts

Explore your African heritage with Pan-African Route Experts. A dedicated team of genealogists and historians excels in uncovering hidden history and untold stories. We offer bespoke genealogical research, detailed family history documentation, and DNA-driven ancestry research. Connect with your ancestral roots and embark on a unique journey of self-discovery.

HAWT Tours Ghana

HAWT Tours presents an unparalleled level of service, coupled with genuinely authentic eco-adventurous and serene tour experiences, all underpinned by a commitment to sustainable tourism.
Emerging as a frontrunner in the tour industry within Ghana, HAWT Tours not only guarantees a delightful and unforgettable time but also leaves you with a treasury of lifelong memories.

    * The provided price ranges per night are indicative and may vary due to season and/or availability.