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Domestic tour operator

HAWT Tours Ghana

Having a wonderful time and leaving you with a lifetime of memories

HAWT Tours presents an unparalleled level of service, coupled with genuinely authentic eco-adventurous and serene tour experiences, all underpinned by a commitment to sustainable tourism.
Emerging as a frontrunner in the tour industry within Ghana, HAWT Tours not only guarantees a delightful and unforgettable time but also leaves you with a treasury of lifelong memories.

9 Anang Gambia St.
Madina, Greater Accra

HAWT Tours Ghana

HAWT Tours provides remarkable travel tours, ranging from eco-adventurous to serene tour experiences and everything in between. With a focus on sustainable tourism, our tours provide both enjoyable experiences and lifelong memories.

HAWT is a leading tour company that is dedicated to giving our clients exceptional travel experiences. Our company is dedicated to showcasing Ghana's culture, scenery, and history. At HAWT we provide a variety of unique services that aim to create unforgettable memories for our customers. All our tailor-made tours emphasise authenticity. We plan from eco-adventurous to serene tours that resonate with the essence of every location you want to explore. At HAWT, we envision a future where exploring the world does not come at the cost of its preservation.

HAWT goes beyond typical travel, ensuring an immersive experience that stimulates all senses. We prioritize sustainable tourism, preserving both the environment and the well-being of the communities we visit. Our partnership with educational institutions offers study-abroad programs that extend learning far beyond books.

HAWT works with a diverse range of individuals and groups who fully resonate with our mindset and mission. Our services cater to a wide audience passionate about Ghana:

International tourists eager to experience Africa's rich culture,
Families and friends creating lasting memories,
Expatriates in Ghana seeking a deeper connection to their new home,
Corporations wanting dynamic retreats,
Nature enthusiasts in search of curated adventures in breathtaking landscapes.

Our Accra City Tour is a prime example of our brand essence, painting a vibrant picture of Accra's landmarks like Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Makola Market, and The Art Centre. Moreover, HAWT's Business Tour offers a unique insight into Ghana's commercial landscape, guiding participants through investment opportunities, networking, and industry overviews.

With HAWT, travel is not just sightseeing, but a transformative experience. Each tour and route is a tale of exploration, growth, and long-lasting memories, emphasising authenticity, sustainability, and holistic enrichment.

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