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Ghana Museums and Monuments Board

Preserving the Rich Heritage of Ghana

Explore Ghana's rich heritage, culture, and history through the Ghana Museum and Monuments Board. Visit museums, monuments, and archaeological sites showcasing traditional arts and ancient civilizations.

Discover the essence of Ghana's past and present.

2 Barnes Road
Accra, Greater Accra

Ghana Museums and Monuments Board

The Ghana Museum and Monuments Board (GMMB) is an institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing Ghana's rich cultural heritage and historical artifacts. Established in 1957, the GMMB serves as the custodian of Ghana's national museums, monuments, and archaeological sites, and plays a vital role in promoting awareness and appreciation of the country's diverse cultural identity.

With a mission to protect and promote Ghana's cultural heritage, the GMMB oversees a network of museums and heritage sites across the country, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into Ghana's past. The Board is responsible for the preservation, research, and exhibition of a wide range of artifacts, including traditional crafts, archaeological findings, historical documents, and works of art. These collections provide valuable insights into Ghana's history, traditions, and artistic achievements, making them a significant resource for researchers, scholars, and tourists alike.

One of the primary objectives of the GMMB is to educate and engage visitors through immersive and informative exhibitions. The Board curates and presents exhibitions that highlight different aspects of Ghanaian culture, including traditional music, dance, clothing, and religious practices. By showcasing the country's cultural diversity, the GMMB aims to foster a sense of national pride and identity among Ghanaians while also promoting cross-cultural understanding among international visitors.

To further enhance the visitor experience, the GMMB organizes a variety of educational programs, workshops, and events. These initiatives are designed to provide deeper insights into Ghana's cultural heritage and to encourage active participation and learning. Visitors can engage in interactive sessions, participate in craft demonstrations, and attend lectures and seminars to gain a comprehensive understanding of Ghana's history and cultural traditions.

The Ghana Museum and Monuments Board also plays a crucial role in preserving and managing Ghana's archaeological sites and historical monuments. Part of the Board's responsibilities is safeguarding these sites, ensuring their protection for future generations. Through ongoing research and conservation efforts, the GMMB aims to uncover and preserve the historical significance of these sites, shedding light on Ghana's past civilizations and their contributions to the world.

The GMMB's dedication to the preservation and promotion of Ghana's cultural heritage has earned it recognition both nationally and internationally. The board actively collaborates with other museums and cultural institutions worldwide to foster cultural exchange and promote Ghana's heritage on the global stage. Through these partnerships, the GMMB continues to expand its knowledge base, exchange best practices, and contribute to the broader discourse on heritage preservation.

The Ghana Museum and Monuments Board is a vital institution that safeguards and showcases Ghana's cultural heritage. Through its museums, exhibitions, educational programs, and conservation efforts, the board provides a comprehensive and immersive experience for visitors, allowing them to delve into Ghana's rich history, traditions, and artistic expressions. By preserving and promoting Ghana's cultural heritage, the GMMB contributes to the country's national identity and fosters cross-cultural understanding. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an art lover, or a curious traveller, a visit to the Ghana Museum and Monuments Board promises an enriching and memorable experience.


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