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Independence Square in Ghana

Ghana’s Emblem of Freedom

This iconic landmark is the symbol of Ghana’s relentless pursuit of sovereignty. If you are fascinated by Ghana’s history and the triumphs, this is a great place to connect with those moments in history.


Open during daylight


Free entrance


Accra, Greater Accra

Ghana’s Emblem of Freedom

Independence Square, also known as Black Star Square, is a powerful symbol of Ghanaian resilience in the heart of Accra. You cannot miss this iconic landmark if you are in the capital. If you are interested in Ghana's history and its fight for freedom, this is a must-visit.

Brief History of Independence Square

Dr Kwame Nkrumah

As soon as Ghana regained independence, Kwame Nkrumah, the first Prime Minister, started the construction of the square. It is a tribute to all who sacrificed their lives in pursuing their country's freedom and sovereignty. The construction work finished in 1961, just in time for Queen Elizabeth's II visit. The young queen was keen to keep the republic within the Commonwealth. She insisted on visiting Ghana despite all the bombings around Accra in protest of Nkrumah’s rule.

The name "Black Star" symbolises Ghana's identity as the "Black Star of Africa". Ghana was the first African country to break free from British colonial rule, inspiring and bringing hope to the entire African continent.

Exploring Independence Square

As you step into Independence Square, its grandeur strikes you. Renowned as the 2nd largest city square in the world (following Tiananmen Square in China), it boasts the capacity to accommodate up to 30,000 people.

Black Star Square

Black Star Square is the go-to location for all major national public events, festivals, military parades, concerts, and more. This iconic space is the heart of Ghana's national celebrations, most notably the annual Independence Day parade, a spectacular display of national unity and pride.

Nearby Attractions

The monuments within the square include the Independence Arch, the Liberation Day Monument, and the Black Star Gate. There are more notable places to visit nearby to have a deep dive into the country's history, from its pre-colonial past to its present-day. Just to name a few: 

  • The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum , an eternal resting place of Ghana's first president.
  • Accra Arts Center, a hub for traditional crafts and performances.
  • The National Museum of Ghana.

Planning your Trip to Independence Square

When planning a visit to Independence Square, note that it is always open to the public. The only exceptions are special events. Taking pictures here may need a bit of care, especially during national events. Be aware and ask for permission before taking photos, wherever you go, especially if you see soldiers or special security measures. The best times for a visit are early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the midday heat. Don't forget to bring water, wear comfy shoes for walking, and dress appropriately.

Interesting Facts

  • Independence Square is the second-largest city square in the world, next only to Tiananmen Square. 
  • The Eternal Flame of African Liberation, first lit by Kwame Nkrumah, continues to flicker, symbolising the undying spirit of independence and freedom.

Independence Square is the place for anyone keen on diving into Ghana's history. Let this place inspire you, as it does for visitors worldwide.
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Independence Square 5.548246950 / -0.192680213 Accra, Greater Accra
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park 5.544604492 / -0.202874871 Accra, Greater Accra more info
Accra Arts Centre 5.545895774 / -0.201583921 Accra, Greater Accra
The National Museum 5.560351462 / -0.206115563 Accra, Greater Accra

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