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Wli Waterfalls Travel Guide

Satisfy the adventurous soul inside you while pleasing your sense of aesthetic? Experience Ghana’s nature at its finest and visit Wli Waterfalls!


Hiking times:
0800 hours- 1800 hours


The fee varies depending on your nationality. For Ghanaians, it is 6 GHS, while for non-Ghanaians, it is 35 GHS.


Wli Afegame, Volta

Do you want to make the best out of your vacation? Do you want to satisfy the adventurous soul inside you while also pleasing your sense of aesthetic? Do you want to view nature at its finest? If the answer to these questions is in affirmation, you must consider Wli Waterfalls as your next vacation destination.


The Wli waterfalls are the highest waterfall in Ghana and the highest in all of West Africa. The waters cascade down from a height of approximately eighty meters, presenting a grandeur sight. The locals have given it a befitting name- Agumatsa, which means "allow me to flow."

What is it like today?

It is a shame that the Wli waterfalls are not credited as one of the top world destinations one must visit, although it has all the qualifiers. Today, it is located within the lush Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary. It covers an approximate area of 35 square kilometers and is home to over four-hundred butterfly species, two-twenty bird species, and hundreds of fruit bats, monkeys, and antelopes. It is a treat for nature enthusiasts.

Take a Hiking Trip

The most exciting thing to do in Wli waterfalls is to go on a hiking trip. There are local guides available for your assistance, who would take you through the most convenient paths and enrich you with knowledge about the locality. There are different types of hiking tours available; however, they share the same basic details, highlighted as follows:

The Types of Tours

There are three different types of tours that you can take: trekking to the lower falls, the upper falls, and to the shrine of the lesser gods. The first and last of these are very easy, while the second one is challenging to undertake. However, it is the most rewarding, as well. There are chilly pools at the base of both falls that one can take a dip in to beat the heat.

Other Things to Do

Village Ostrich Farm

There is a beautiful village ostrich farm located in near proximity that you can visit. The farm is a project of an NGO to create sustainable jobs by seeling the eggs of ostriches.

Stay in a Private Lodge

You have the option to lodge in one of the private lodges available on site. They are very economical and provide a remarkable view and access to the waterfalls.


Camping is another very popular activity visitors to the Wli Waterfalls engage in.

An interesting fact

Thousands of fruit bats nest high on the lower falls trail's surrounding cliffs, providing a dramatic sight to witness.

Wli waterfalls are a gorgeous destination that provides an incomparable escape from the fast-paced city life. Therefore, if you seek to lighten your mood and freshen your spirits, do plan a trip to Wli waterfalls!

Madi Kh.
Madi Kh.

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Wli Waterfalls 6.604178737 / 0.679493069 Wli Afegame, Volta

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