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Itinerary Ideas - 2 Weeks in Ghana

Ghana is exceptionally large and features a diverse set of tourist attractions and vacation spots. Ghana has something for every travel addict. Here are some things you can do in Ghana.


Cape Coast, Central

From the cosmopolitan capital of Accra to the mountainous peaks of Ho and the garden city of Kumasi, Ghana features a diverse set of tourist attractions and vacation spots. Deciding which one will be perfect for your next vacation can truly be difficult.

The African country of Ghana is exceptionally large. Because of its vast landmass, there are large expanses of nature that one can even get lost in. Ghana’s parks, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls are massive and offer a picture-perfect landscape and promises an amazing time to its visitors. Mountaineering, hiking, sightseeing–there is a lot of reward for outdoors lovers. Ghana has something for every travel addict. Here are some things you can do in Ghana.


If you are planning on staying in Ghana for two weeks and if you are a hiker or someone who loves to explore afoot, make sure you add mountainous regions to your travel list. Mountains are perfect natural sites and are ideal for nature lovers to explore.

Mountain Afadza

This mountain is the highest mountain in Ghana and actually the whole Western Africa. It is located in Liati-Wote near Ho in the Volta Region. The mountain lies close to the Ghana-Togo border and 178 kilometers away from Accra, driving Northeast. 

It is currently one of the most visited sites in Ghana, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. You can also visit the famous Wli Falls which are close by.

Mountain Aduadu

You will find the second-highest mountain in Ghana – Mountain Aduadu - near the mountain Afadja in the Volta Region. People who normally visit the Afadjato take a detour here. It is sitting right on the border of Ghana and Togo.

Mountain Dzebo

One of the most amazing mountains you would ever see lies nearby lake Volta. Mountain Dzebo ties with Mountain Aduadu and is part of Akwapim-Togo range. These beautiful mountain slopes are covered with rainforests–home to various plant and animal species.

Grab your camera and take a tour to these lush green slopes, catch hundreds of beautiful shots of the breath-taking views and have a grand adventure!

Natural parks and Forest Reserves

During your stay in Ghana, you do not want to miss out on the natural parks and all those magnificent forest reserves! Some of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites . Most of the National Parks were created as part of the government nature preservation initiatives. Many of these sites are looked after by the local people and are called ‘Sacred Groves’ and ‘Sacred Forests and Parks’.

Here are some of the natural parks and reserves you must add to your 2-week getaway travel plan in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park

You will find this beautiful tropical rainforest – Kakum National Park - close to the seaside of the Central Region in Ghana. It is home to countless remarkable types of plants and animals, even the endangered Diana monkey, the yellow-backed duiker, the African elephant and so many more. Kakum is a central fascination for thousands of visitors every year who rush to Ghana to see the beauty of untamed life and marvels of nature. This park is also home to fascinating birds like the African dim parrot and hornbill. 

If height doesn’t hold you back from exploring, don’t miss the Kakum Canopy Walkway, a 350m-high walkway high up in the sky which will take you through the park and reveal lovely views while walking on treetops.

Mole National Park

National Park Mole

The Mole National Park covers over 4,500 square kilometers in savannah forest. It hosts multiple virgin streams and rare trees. The Savannah Region gets serious rainfall all year round. This climate assists various types of creatures including hippos, wild ox, and elephants just as panthers, lions, and various plant species. 

The park can be strolled with a guide as they give a remarkable information and points of view in this wonderful park. Climbing courses are also popular here. You can visit the park and stay a night or two in one of the very inciting inn lodgings nearby. 

The Mole Hotel and Mole Motel are offering top of the line convenience. Mole and Lovi streams charmingly run through the recreation center, creating the scene at lodges very romantic and luxurious

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Shai Hills Reserve

The Shai Hill Resource Reserve is situated in Doryum in the Shai Osudoku District and was established in 1962. It is grassland with low dry forest vegetation stretching on 47 square kilometers. The 5 separate hills on the Shai Hills Reserve is a beautiful home to nearly 400 different species.

Popular activities around here include game viewing, bird watching, nature walking, and rock climbing.

Popular towns and villages

You cannot visit a place without getting to know the people and culture. Some tourists are only interested in the physical aspects and sites. Seasoned travellers, however, look deeper for the essence of the local culture, history, and heritage. 

Here are some of the most wonderful and historical towns and villages in Ghana and what are they famous for. Add these to your travel plans!

Amedzofe Village

The local people claim this is the most European-friendly weather zone in Ghana. The cool climate coupled with the spectacular landscape consisting of mountains, valleys, and ancient buildings make it a home away from home. From the wars of Ewes against Ashantis to the German possession of the town, the history lies in its architecture. 

When you get there just ask the locals the spot from which you can see the whole volta. On a mountain in Amedzofe, there is a spot that gives a bird’s eye view of the Volta region.


Officially the fastest growing city in West Africa, Tamale is the capital town of the Northern Region of Ghana. The city is a current hotspot for investment in the West African sub-region. It is stable, peaceful, and presents limitless opportunities for potential investors. The people here are known for their unique hospitality and friendliness. Tamale is Ghana’s third-largest city. It has a projected population of 950,124 according to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly Official Website.

Here are some places you can visit in Tamale :

  • Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium
  • Kaladan Sports Stadium
  • The Dakpema Palace
  • Cultural Centre
  • Northern Regional Library
  • Tamale Tindana (Buglana) Palace

Cape Coast Town

To the west of Accra lies Cape Coast the Capital of the Central Region. Cape Coast was the Capital of Gold Coast before it became Ghana, and was moved to Accra in 1877. Cape Coast is 144-km away from Accra.

Did you know? This is the region that Europeans first came into contact with the tropics and it is the only place that Columbus spent some time on his Voyage to discover the New World.

This region is famous for its forts and castles and the coconut-shaded beaches. You can not miss it.

Cape Coast Ghana Ocean Beach


The name 'Nzulezu ' means 'water surface'. The village was built by a group of people from Oualata and is noted for a reason - it is built on water.

You definitely cannot visit Ghana without touring Nzulezu ! It is a sight to behold.

The affable nature of the locals alone will make your visit a highly memorable one.

Markets and trading places

In Ghana, buying and selling activities are carried out mostly in the markets. From livestock to motorcycles – all that can be purchased from the market. Local crafts and traditional artefacts can be bought too, of course. Some of the noteworthy markets in Ghana are:

  1. Agbogloshie market located in the Greater Accra region
  2. Bolgatanga Market in the northern region
  3. Akatsi Market in the Akatsi District, Volta region
  4. Kantamanto in the Greater Accra region
  5. Bantama Maket in the Ashanti region.

Unique places

Despite the struggle to mention the spots worth visiting, there are a few places that do not fall under any category but that is why they deserve a special mention.

Ashanti goldfields

Doesn’t this name give you a dreamy vibe? In fact, this is a gold mine in Kumasi and it is one of the richest gold mines in the world. Ghana acquires a lot of its foreign exchange from the exportation of this commodity.

Did you know, Ghana is Africa's largest producer of gold!?

Kente weaving sites

Kente loom tradition

Agotime-Kpetoe is one of the two capitals of Kente weaving in Ghana. The masters and creators of this brightly colorful cloth live here. In this rural village, the skill of Kente weaving has been passed on from generation to generation and it is noticeable in every weave of Kente.

The Woe Lighthouse

There is a lighthouse at Woe, nearby Keta, which directs ships during the night. Its architecture is incredibly unique. 

It is also believed that there is a huge underwater mountain off the coast of Woe, which was the reason for building the lighthouse.

Oh the places you can visit in Ghana in two weeks! It is almost impossible to visit them all in one go but you can you choose the best and most attractive to your liking. Ghana as a nation is very large and this has contributed to its luck in possessing so many tourist attractions. 

The kind and welcoming attitude from locals makes travelling to Ghana unforgettable.

Don’t forget to buy something from the local markets as a souvenir before leaving.

We can assure you – Ghana cannot wait to welcome you!

Desmond Dorvlo

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