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Cape Coast Travel Guide

Do you want to visit a land with a rich history that would take you back to the 17th century? If yes, then Cape Coast is just the right place for you!


Cape Coast Castle:
Daily from 09:.00 to 17:00


If you are a Ghanaian, then there is no entrance fee. For tourists, the cost is 40 cedis if you are an adult and half the price if you are young. You can even get a bargained price if you are a student with a group of friends.


Cape Coast, Central

Do you want to visit a land with a rich history that would take you back to the 17th century? If yes, then Cape Coast is just the right place for you! It is situated in Ghana and is widely famous for its old port. You will be delighted to visit this city as its tourist spots are something you should not miss under any circumstances.

History of Cape Coast

In earlier days, Cape Coast was notoriously known for its slave trading. That is correct! Cape Coast has a long history of holding slaves that were also kept as prisoners in the Cape Coast Castle by the British. You can still find the British colonial traces in the city that add further to the history of the place.

What it is like today?

Well, you cannot travel back in time and visit the city when the slave trade was still common. However, you can visit it today and celebrate the freedom of people that they obtained after years of struggle. In fact, the city dedicated 2019 to the remembrance of the African slaves that were brought to America in 1619. The Castle Museum here is filled with more information about the slave era at Cape Coast so you can check them out when you decide to visit this city. You will be excited to see the today of the town and compare it to what it used to be in the earlier days.

Cape Coast Castle

In case you are a history enthusiast, the Cape Coast Castle is the perfect place for you to visit as it would indulge you in its historical figures and details about the colonial era faced by the city.

Places to See Nearby

Fort William

This beautiful lookout post and lighthouse was built in 1820 and since then, it has been offering breath-taking panoramic views of the Cape Coast. Fort William is a good place to go if you are interested in sweeping views and history.

Kotokuraba Market

You cannot leave the Cape Coast without doing some shopping at one of the markets here such as Kotokuraba Market. There is a plenty of things to buy from here such as clothing and groceries.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park

This stunning lush park was built in 1932 but opened to public in 1994. The Kakum National Park has been in use for the last fifty years for timber extraction. Visit the park and don’t forget to take the canopy walkway that let you witness surreal views of the park.

The city of Cape Coast has come a long way. It has dealt with several issues, and their impacts are still standing on the town somehow. Nevertheless, you will find the people here indulging themselves in celebrations and festivals. This shows their lively and hopeful nature. If you want to experience this liveliness first-hand, you should definitely pay a visit to this city. It will help you understand the world in an improved manner.
Madi Kh.
Madi Kh.

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Locations mentioned

# Location Coordinates City/State
Cape Coast 5.131467257 / -1.279131077 Cape Coast, Central
Fort William 5.174217204 / -1.118997169 Anomabo, Central more info
Kotokuraba Market 5.114049107 / -1.246182822 Cape Coast, Central
Kakum National Park 5.348265805 / -1.383172987 Central more info
Cape Coast Castle Museum 5.103597000 / -1.241036000 Cape Coast, Central more info

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