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Best hiking places in Ghana

It is time to put on your hiking boots, pack your meal, grab a water bottle, and apply some sunscreen because it’s time to go hiking in Ghana.


Open year around, but make sure you keep a check on the weather when going on a hike!


The parks charge entrance fees.



The fast-approaching warm season only means one thing. It is time to put on your hiking boots, pack your meal, grab a water bottle, and apply some sunscreen because it’s time to go hiking. It’s no secret that Ghana is the home to some incredible landscapes from dense tropical forests with towering trees to mountains with majestic views and fast-flowing rivers.

While some of these places can be reached by car, Ghana’s best views can best be experienced afoot. What I'm getting at is, with the below list you would enjoy the best hiking experience you could ever get in Ghana.

From the evergreen forests atop the tallest mountain in West Africa (Mt. Afadza) to the animal populated Mole parks these are the crème de la crème of the best hiking spots Ghana has to offer. Whether you're a fan of long fulfilling hikes or short brief hikes you'll find a trail for yourself in here.

Mountain Afadza

View from atop Mount Afadzato

Located at the border of Ghana and Togo in the Volta Region of Ghana is the tallest mountain in West Africa, the Mountain Afadza. It is called Afadzato in Ewe language. It reaches 885 meters (2,904 ft) above sea level and offers a spectacular view of Ghana and Togo. No wonder it is the most visited site in the Volta region of Ghana and one of the most visited places in whole country. It is the home to a great selection of animal and bird species. A recent ecological study shows it houses rare species of butterfly with over 200 species present. It neighbours three different waterfalls and numerous caves. Just take a Ho-bound car from Accra and be ready to experience nature to its fullest.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Man on boulder

Established in 1962 Shai hills reserve was created as one of the efforts by the then government to protect natural resources. It was then made a forest reserve in 1972. Before the colonization period, the Shai hills was the home of the Shai people until they were ejected by the British. To date, the remaining works of the Shai people can be seen. It has a landmass of 51 square kilometers. The site has been host to many picnic and festival venues and in 2017 it hosted the national biking and abseil festival. It is located on the Tema-Akosombo road and its 57 kilometers away from Accra, which makes it the closest natural reserve to the capital. The best part is, it is also the home to over 400 plant species and hundreds and of animals and birds such as violet Turaco, Paradise Flycatcher, Green Turaco Red-billed Hornbill, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, and Red-necked Buzzard), baboons, cats, duiker, guinea fowls, kobs, green monkeys, monitor lizards, African python, royal python, and zebras. It is also great for bird watching.

Mole National Park

Are you a tireless hiker? Are you fond of cycling? Do you want a full adventure in nature? Your destination is the Mole national park. The largest wildlife reserve in Ghana, Mole park is located in the savannah region of Ghana. It is home to several Elephants, hippos, and leopards and a the rare white-backed vulture. With the landmass of 4,912 sq km, it makes it a perfect place for birdwatching. Make a trip to Mole and you'll forever have fond memories of it.

Mountain Gemi

Mount Gemi

Located at the most elevated land area in Ghana, Gemi is an acronym for German Evangelical Missions Institute an educational institute built by the German missionaries in Ghana. It is located in Amedzofe town with over 3000 inhabitants. It offers beautiful landscape suitable for hiking and good time guaranteed.

Ashanti Gold Trails

An ancient crater with a mass of 10.5 km (6.5 miles) created the Lake Bosomtwi; a spectacular water body with 30-odd towns encompassing it. It has a distance of 30 kilometers from the site to the south-east of Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti, it functions admirably for hiking. The close by 55 sq km (21 sq miles) Bobiri woodland resource, just as the butterfly safe-haven and the cocoa ranch visits in the area make an awesome site for incredible touring, particularly from April to October.

Lake Bosomtwi

Kakum National Park

Canopy of Kakum

Last but not least on our list of best places to hike in Ghana is the famous Kakum national park. This ecological nature park is a canopy walkway. It is one of the only three canopy walkaways in Africa. The area is covered by a tropical forest. The outstanding nature of this park stands in the reason that it was created by the locals and not by any wildlife authority or government act. It connects seven (7) rooftops that give access to the forest. It also houses endangered species of animals and birds, notable among them are the white-breasted guinea fowl, the hornbill, and the grey parrot. This might just be one of the best places to strap on your hiking boots and visit in Ghana.

Before packing your bag and hitting the beautiful landscapes of Ghana for the ultimate hiking experience make sure you get a local guide. Getting a guide to his areas is definitely a must, as most of the parks and smaller towns in Ghana are not carefully mapped out and also the mountains can be a little rocky and one may require some help in conquering these new adventures.

We can not wait to welcome you!

Desmond Dorvlo

Hi, I’m Desmond, I am a GhanaTRVL Insider.

Locations mentioned

# Location Coordinates City/State
Mount Afadja 7.021444145 / 0.561773780 Volta
Shai Hills 5.942363378 / 0.112517670 Krobo Odumase, Eastern more info
Mole National Park - A Wildlife Adventure in Ghana 9.353037531 / -1.871887848 Larabanga, Savannah more info
Mount Gemi 6.856283591 / 0.433433676 Amedzofe, Volta
Ashanti Gold Trails 6.518413074 / -1.436713100 Kumasi, Ashanti
Kakum National Park 5.348265805 / -1.383172987 Central more info

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