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Travelling to Ghana with kids

Ghana has it all-for travellers of all ages. From mystical swords stuck in the ground to the biggest lake in the world and ancient towns built on water. When traveling with kids to Ghana, there are a few things to keep in mind but we are sure kids will love it!



From mystical swords stuck in the ground to the biggest lake in the world and ancient towns built on water, Ghana is unarguably the children’s Utopia. When traveling with kids, there are a few things to think through and keep in mind. Wonderful coasts and beaches dotted across the country, amusement parks, eye-popping zoos, nature reserves, camping, and hiking trails in the wilderness. It is simple - Ghana has it all - for travellers of all ages.

What is the optimal time for travelling to Ghana with kiddos?

We’d say ideally a minimum of 2 weeks is about the optimal length of stay with kids in Ghana. However, always consider age, health and other practicalities when planning a trip with children. Especially during June and September, when it is mostly warm, and the atmosphere is clear enough allowing children to explore surroundings, 2 weeks is just enough to see the most important sights. We advise hiring a tour guide or joining a tour group in exploring the tourist attractions, as some attraction spots are difficult to reach and often are not on virtual maps. 

If you travel from June to November, pack light clothes for the kids as it gets really warm. Don’t forget shorts and camp boots too! Here are some tips on what to pack when visiting Ghana. Now let us jump into the best places to see and we assure will be unforgettable for you and the kids.

Visit the Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is a world famous travel spot. Visitors from all over the world explore the Ghanaian wilderness and walk on the famous walkway that stretches across the lush treetops. From the top, you will see wild animals in the natural habitat and breathtaking views. Tours guides are available nearby so you can just relax and enjoy and watch your kid’s grin from ear to ear in sheer wonder. Just remember - safety first!

The Okomfo Anokye Sword Site

Okomfo Anokye sword site

Is your child is fond of magic? This site will be a dream come true! In the Ashanti Region lies unarguably one the most mystical and wondrous tourist attractions - the Sword of Okomfo Anokye - the great chief priest under whose guidance they formed the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana. The story is told that before he passed on the wielded a sword in the earth’s heart at Kumasi and prophesied, no one could ever remove it. Despite several attempts to unearth, it proved futile. Now it has become a tourist attraction you can not miss. We can say much of this place, but we will leave the rest for you and the family to explore.

Mountain Afadja

This is the highest mountain in Ghana and West Africa that lies in Liati-Wote near Ho in the Volta Region near the Ghana-Togo border. Mount Afadja is currently one of the most visited sites in Ghana, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. The famous Wli Falls are also nearby. Do your kids have lots of energy and they love being outdoors? This will be a great place to visit! Make sure you can keep up!

Ko-Sa Beach Resort

Ghana is blessed with many beautiful and amazing beaches dotted across its coastline. Paramount among these is the Ko-Sa Beach Resort . Peaceful, environmentally aware and serene corner of the world at Ampenyi near Cape Coast is a perfect place for a getaway. After taking long trips and exploring, a night at the resort would be unforgettable. Modern suites with a touch of local architecture are a perfect addition to the serene atmosphere. During the day, you can relax, go for a swim with the kids or catch a wave and surf.

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle

Within the same region, close to the Ko-Sa beach resort, is the Cape Coast Castle . A little education on the trip will be of tremendous help to the kids. Cape Coast is one of the oldest towns in Ghana. It was the first place the Europeans settled when they arrived on Gold Coast (present-day Ghana). In Cape Coast, you will find remains of foreign architecture. The most iconic among them is the Cape Coast Castle , which originally was a trade place with the locals before it became the holding place for people sold in slavery. Today it stands for freedom and equality among all the people of the world.

Nzulezu Village

The name Nzulezu means “water surface”. The entire village sits on water. You definitely cannot skip touring Nzulezu it is a sight to behold. The affable nature of the locals alone will make your visit a highly memorable one.

Nzulezu Village

’Instagrammable’ Places in Ghana

Larabanga Mosque

You cannot visit a new destination and leave without creating memories of your visit. Here are a few uniquely Ghanaian places that you can visit to create memories and freshen up your Instagram account:

A few bonus suggestions

  • Do not forget to follow through all medical requirements before visiting Ghana! 
  • Do not leave Ghana without trying Jollof! Ghanaian Jollof is a rice meal that you simply must try! You have not tried Jollof; you have not been to Ghana. 
  • Visit West Hills Mall, the biggest shopping mall in West Africa. Do not forget to buy some Dashikis and Kente Cloth and local art and craft souvenirs. 
  • One of the most wonderful things about holidays in Ghana is the coconut. Drink lots of coconut! The hot weather with a gulp of fresh coconut water will make you reconsider leaving Ghana. 
  • Ghana is one of the safest countries to visit, so security is not a problem, however, arranging tour guides is very advisable. 

Visit Ghana with kids soon. It will be an unforgettable trip to experience new cultures, learn novel ways of doing things, meet new people and broaden their horizons. The entire experience will leave the kids grinning with glee.

Desmond Dorvlo

Hi, I’m Desmond, I am a GhanaTRVL Insider.

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