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Pan-African Rout Experts

Unveil the Hidden Chronicles of your African Heritage

Explore your African heritage with Pan-African Route Experts. A dedicated team of genealogists and historians excels in uncovering hidden history and untold stories. We offer bespoke genealogical research, detailed family history documentation, and DNA-driven ancestry research. Connect with your ancestral roots and embark on a unique journey of self-discovery.

Boi Oflan Street
Accra, Greater Accra

Pan-African Rout Experts

Pan-African Rout Experts are custodians of history, dedicated to tracing and celebrating the intricate and diverse narratives of African ancestries. Our passion lies in unveiling the untold stories that time has obscured, bringing to light the legacies of ancestors.

Our Mission

Bridging Past and Future

Pan-African Route Experts are fueled by the main mission: to guide and assist those seeking to connect with their African roots. We believe in the transformative power of understanding one's heritage. By delving into the past, we honour our ancestors and gain invaluable insights that shape our future.

Expertise Meets Empathy

Our team comprises seasoned genealogists, archivists, historians, and researchers, each bringing a unique skill set and a shared commitment to excellence. We approach our work with sensitivity and respect, acknowledging the complexities and nuances of African histories shaped by colonisation, enslavement, and resilience.

Services Tailored to Your Heritage Research

Genealogical Research

Have an insight into your family's past with our exhaustive research services. We explore family trees, birth and death records, census data, and more, to piece together your unique lineage.

Documenting Family Histories

We meticulously compile and preserve documents, photographs, and artefacts, crafting a vivid picture and timeline of your family's journey through time.

Expert Guidance

Navigating the maze of genealogical information can be daunting. Our experts provide personalised advice, helping you make sense of complex data and historical records.

Networking with Professionals

Our collaborative approach extends to working with legal, estate planning, and educational experts, ensuring that we can place all pieces of the puzzle together.

DNA-Driven Ancestry Discovery

Using genetic testing in tandem with historical research, we pinpoint your ancestral origins to specific regions or ethnic groups in Africa. This journey of discovery doesn't just end with the knowledge of your roots but extends to an immersive experience in your ancestral homeland, connecting you with local communities and cultural landmarks.

We maintain strict confidentiality when working with families and their personal information at all times. This means adhering to ethical guidelines and legal requirements that protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients.

Join Us on a Journey of Discovery

We're not just uncovering histories; we're building connections and fostering a deeper understanding of our shared heritage. Whether you're seeking to understand your lineage, preserve your family's legacy, or embark on a journey to your ancestral roots, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Begin your journey into the past, for a brighter, more connected future!

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