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Travel Insights

Things you can find only in Ghana

Sometimes travel memories of a place cannot just be fully represented by pictures or videos - sometimes there are things you have to experience and see with your own eyes.


Kumasi, Ashanti

There are some countries you’ll visit and the memories of the place cannot just be fully represented by pictures or videos. The memories of ever-smiling human beings, awesome weather, and amazing cuisine will always make you smile.

Ghana is the most realistic representation of such countries. Not only is the country ranked among the top fifty most peaceful countries in the world but because of its welcoming and sociable citizens. If this isn’t enough to make you book a one year trip to Ghana, then let me tell you more.

Have you heard of the village in Ghana built on water? What of the mystical sword stuck into the ground by a magician that can never be removed? Do you know Ghana is the home to the biggest man-made lake by mass and volume known to mankind?

These are but a few wondrous things that can only be seen in Ghana. Let me give you a virtual trip into this Utopia and show you some of the wonderful sites that are worth Guinness world record winning standards that can be ONLY SEEN IN GHANA.

The sword of Okomfo Anokye

Okomfo Sword

In Kumasi lies unarguably the most mystical and wonderous tourist attraction ever in the whole world, the sword of Okomfo Anokye , the great chief priest under whose guidance the Ashanti kingdom was formed. Legend has it that the Priest wielded this sword into the earth and claimed no one could unearth it and there it remains to this day. You can only see it but are not allowed to touch for preservation reasons. We encourage you to visit the sword site. As it is one of our must-see tourist sites. It might interest you to know that this site provides almost 25 percent of total tourism revenue in Ghana.


Perhaps the most iconic town ever, is the village entirely built on stilts. Nzulenzu was built over lake Tandane and is consisted of seamlessly integrated stilts. This town is amazingly built with sticks on top of the water. The local people say it was built by people from Oualata, a town in the ancient Ghana Empire, present-day Mauritania which came about from following a snail. The reason why the town was built over water is still unknown.


Kente cloth

Kente is a local cloth made in Ghana by weaving strips of cotton and silk. This famous material originated from two ethnic groups and later became a world-famous attire that is being worn to ceremonies of importance and also by black Americans as a show of ancestral heritage. The colour of a kente depends on what ceremony it's being worn to. Read more about the colours of Kente and their meanings.

When you’re in Ghana make it a point to wear this cloth in public and you will receive appreciation from the local people.

Ghanaian painting

Artist painting

You might not know it but Ghanaians are also quite known for their artistic abilities and craft. You can rest assured that any unique painting you see in Ghana was done by an indigenous artist. These artists use this as a medium to portray their local culture and the history of their people. This can be seen in the numerous adinkra designs. Purchase any of these and keep it as a souvenir to keep alive your memories of Ghana.


You might be worrying what this strange word mean, well akpeteshie is the best locally brewed alcohol made in Ghana. For my drink lovers and avid revelers, akpeteshie is just the right way to party. Just grab a few bottles from any food vendor or restaurant. This drink contains a high percentage of alcohol and can easily make you drunk so while you're out there partying hard to the gentle afro-beats of the great Ghanaian musicians, just be sure to know your level of intake and don’t get over-drunk.

Local craft

Glass beads

You can simply not tour and leave Ghana without getting yourself any of the beautiful crafts made by the indigenous people. A fact you would like to know is, unlike other countries, Ghanaian craft is done by women. Ghanaian women generally are strong and resilient. The art of weaving and crafting local items such as baskets, wooden sculptures is a hobby for most. Whether its wooden bags, baskets, wooden sculptures of yourself … yes you read it right. You can get wooden sculptures of yourself at any market in Ghana. Just be sure to compliment the seller after you’ve purchased an item, they might as well be the manufacturers. This is also a spectacle that can only be seen in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

As if the wonder of the unremovable sword and village built on water is not enough, another wonder that can only be found in Ghana is the Kakum National Park . This ecological nature park is a canopy walkway. It is one of the only three canopy walkaways in Africa. The area is covered by a tropical forest. The outstanding nature of this park stands in the reason that it was created by the locals and not by any wildlife authority or government act. It connects seven (7) rooftops that give access to the forest. It also houses endangered species of animals and birds, notable among them are the white-breasted guinea fowl, the hornbill, and the grey parrot.

Earthen-ware bowls

Locally made pottery

Earthen-ware bowls known locally as ewegba or asanka, this bowl is by far one of the most ancient treasures of the local people. The asanka is used in grinding pepper and for serving sauces for eating. You might notice a big black clayey bowl in which your sauce will be served in for you. Just ask your waitress where you can get one for yourself. When you get back to your home country this bowl will remind you of the great meals you had and the good times you had and do not forget this can only be found in Ghana.

Last but not least on our list of the things you can find only in Ghana is the music. from the beats of the ancient talking drums, to the tapping of feet, the drama (youth celebration jams), to the pure afro-beats and dancehall and a mix of hip-hop. Ghana can boast of several unique sounds and world-famous artists. When you are in Ghana do not forget to get a copy of the music CDs. Take it home, when you play it you will feel the vibration of the wild, happy, and serene Ghanaian atmosphere in your home.

Before you make a beeline to the embassy and buy a plane ticket to Ghana remember to bring your sun-tan as the weather may be hot most times of the year. And oh, one important thing to remember, to offer greetings to anyone at all you are in company with, it is regarded very disrespectful not to offer greetings at all.

Desmond Dorvlo

Hi, I’m Desmond, I am a GhanaTRVL Insider.

Locations mentioned

# Location Coordinates City/State
Okomfo Anokye Sword Site 6.696383728 / -1.629020889 Kumasi, Ashanti more info
Nzulezu (Nzulezo): The Stilt Village of Ghana 5.020688560 / -2.597674237 Nzulezu, Western more info
Kakum National Park 5.348265805 / -1.383172987 Central more info

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