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Welcome to the Upper East region of Ghana

Welcome to the Upper East Region of Ghana! This beautiful region, in the northern part of Ghana, is famous for its vast savannah plains and semi-arid climate and proudly boasts a diverse range of natural and cultural sites to visit.

The capital of the region, Bolgatanga (also known as Bolga) is home to many ethnic groups and diverse culture. Among others, Frafra, Kassena, Kusasi, Bonsi, and Talensi ethnic groups are the major ones living here, each with their own spectacular customs and traditions. You will notice cultural similarities with the Northern and Upper West Regions. The main languages spoken in the Upper East Region are Dagbani and Frafra, and English.

Foodies can indulge in traditional Northern Ghanaian dishes such as TZ or Tuo-zafi and rice-balls with a variety of mouth-watering stews and soups. Discover the region's natural and cultural sites, such as the Paga crocodile pond, where visitors can see crocodiles in their natural habitat, the Sombo Bat Sanctuary, and the Jafiiri Sacred Royal Python Sanctuary. Experience the rich and diverse culture also through traditional festivals, ceremonies, and cultural dances. Don't miss the famous Damba festival, celebrated here.

Visit and experience the true essence of the Upper East region and Ghana!

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