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Busua Beach

Ride the Waves of Adventure at Busua Beach

Busua Beach is a picturesque surfing haven in Ghana’s Western Region. This coastal gem is not just about the tranquil ambiance but a surfing hotspot with the perfect beach vibe. From riding the waves to exploring the nearby historical sites like Fort Apollonia, Busua is a gateway to diverse adventures.


Busua, Western

Ride the Waves of Adventure at Busua Beach

Busua Beach is a captivating beach resort and fishing village nestled in the Ahanta, Western Region of Ghana. With all its wilderness and the perfect beach vibe, Busua Beach is a place where you can get away from it all. Busua is about 30 kilometres west of the regional capital, Sekondi-Takoradi and about 12 km from Agona. It has become an emblem of coastal serenity and surfing. Yes, both! The further down east from the town you walk, the quieter the beach gets. So it makes it a haven for everyone!

Exploring Busua Beach

The stunning Busua beach where the sand is clean and golden isn't merely about the soothing whispers of the waves; it's a haven for surf enthusiasts. Crowned as the surfing capital of Ghana, Busua beach offers excellent surfing conditions. You will find a variety of surfing lessons and rentals, alongside friendly surf instructors ready to guide you through the thrilling waves​. Some water sport places offer so-called “surfaris”. It is a trip where you search for great waves at awesome locations with your instructor. Isn’t that cool?

Other water sports activities you can enjoy around here are jet-skiing, snorkelling or paragliding. This is the place to have fun under the sun all day long. If you are into fishing, the fishermen on the beach could teach you a few tricks. This is a great way to get to know locals! For when you are done with the sunbathing, visit the local market which is within a short walk distance. Here you will find countless stalls selling souvenirs and other knick-knacks. The walk around the town allows you to catch a glimpse of authentic Ghanaian life in Busua.

The best restaurants in Busua are on the beach. You can find anything that you like - pizzas, Indian cuisine, and, of course, local dishes such as tilapia and Jollof rice. The most popular dish is red-red, a hearty meal made with black-eyed peas, palm oil, and plantains. Make sure you try that when you are in Busua. When you feel like going out, visit one of the cool bars on the beach and enjoy a glass of beer or wine.

Practical Travel Tips: What to know when visiting Busua Beach

  • Plan your trip in advance, as it gets busy here. 
  • Search and book your accommodation far in advance. 
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! 
  • Stay hydrated! 
  • Bring cash, as the nearest ATM is in Agona and only a few places accept credit cards.

Nearby Attractions

As the sun sets, painting the sky with hues, the call to explore more of Ghana's picturesque coastline and intriguing attractions echoes across the horizons. The adventure in Ghana doesn’t end at Busua Beach; it merely begins. The Western Region of Ghana brims with attractions, each offering a distinct flavour of excitement and exploration​. If you can make yourself leave this beautiful and fun place to explore a little more, you can’t miss the unique Nzulezu stilt village ! It is probably one of the unique places-to-see in Ghana.

Alternatively, you can ‘change the beach view’ and keep soaking up the sun at Axim Beach. For more active entertainment, explore the trails of the Ankasa Nature Reserve, or step back in time at Fort Apollonia .

Enjoy the vibrant beach vibe. Let the rhythmic tunes of the waves sync with your heartbeat as you discover the beauty of Busua Beach​. As you bid farewell to Busua, we urge you to explore Ghana even further. Whether it's the historic forts along the coastline, the vibrant cultural festivals, or the serene nature reserves, Ghana invites you to see its colourful world of experiences waiting to be discovered. Discover captivating destinations across Ghana with
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