Reggae BEATZ & BMT


  • Music event
  • 16 Nov 2024
  • 10:00
  • El Wak Stadium
    Accra - Greater Accra
  • Ghana


At last! It’s really going to happen!


Charity Reggae Festival Ghana 16 November 2024.

Making music together sets people in motion with a unifying energy that contributes to a greater sense of harmony. Drumming together generates a lot of positive energy and dynamism. This gives a certain satisfaction and makes you forget the day's woes for a while.

This festival is not to be missed. We’ll go down in history together. Ghana has never had such a festival before. You and I, we’re going to do this!

The Charity Reggae Festival is not just any festival but a benefit festival. Proceeds will go to charity. Make a contribution. Because of you, Ghana’s street children will have opportunities for a better future.

At last! It’s really going to happen!

Charity Reggae Festival Ghana and THE WORLD RECORD DJEMBE. We are going to surprise our guests with a mega strong line-up. With a day featuring internationally renowned Reggae artists. The audience is going to be surprised at who will be getting the stage pumping. What’s more, we're offering regional artists the opportunity to perform for an enthusiastic audience.

El Wak Stadium is one of Ghana’s greatest venues for holding a festival. The El Wak Stadium, on Giffard Road in Accra, 3.5 km from Accra Airport.

This amazing park can handle the visitor numbers we’re expecting.

The festival is a child-friendly festival, so they too will have an excellent time. To further raise your expectations for the festival, we have an impressive line-up of musicians to accompany the WORLD RECORD DJEMBE, a line-up that's going to be the biggest surprise.

We are holding the Charity Reggae Festival for the street children of Ghana, to give them opportunities for a better future. Children are our future. We want to take care of our future, which is why only sustainable materials are at this festival.

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