Akwasidae Festival


  • Cultural festival
  • 22 Dec 2024
  • Manhyia Palace
    Kumasi - Ashanti
  • Ghana


Manhyia Palace Museum
19 Feb 2024


The Akwasidae Festival is a vibrant and colourful celebration deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the Ashanti people of Ghana. This festival occurs every six weeks, making it an exciting and frequent event in the Ashanti region, particularly in the city of Kumasi, the cultural heartland of the Ashanti kingdom.

During the Akwasidae Festival, the Ashanti people gather to honour and pay homage to their revered king, known as the Asantehene, who is considered the custodian of Ashanti traditions and values. The festival is marked by a series of traditional rituals, including drumming, dancing, and the pouring of libations to the ancestors.

One of the highlights of the Akwasidae Festival is the grand procession of the Asantehene and his entourage through the streets of Kumasi, adorned in regal attire and accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional drums. This procession offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness the splendour and pageantry of Ashanti royalty up close.

Visitors to the Akwasidae Festival are also treated to vibrant cultural displays, showcasing Ashanti arts, crafts, and cuisine. From intricately woven kente cloth to delicious traditional dishes, attendees can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and flavours of Ashanti culture.

Attending the Akwasidae Festival offers visitors a rare glimpse into the living traditions of one of Ghana's most prominent ethnic groups. It provides an opportunity to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Ashanti people while celebrating their rich history and heritage. Whether you're drawn to the colourful festivities, the traditional rituals, or the chance to witness Ashanti royalty in all its splendour, the Akwasidae Festival promises an unforgettable cultural experience for all who attend.