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Romantic places to visit in Ghana

Explore romantic things to do and places to visit in Ghana Valentine's Day or not. We share ideas on where to go with your significant other and spend some needed quality time together.


Accra, Greater Accra

Sometimes you get caught in an elevator, you accidentally bump into someone, you pick the wrong suitcase or catch someone watching you with a dreamy glance. Circumstances might play tricks sometimes; however, the right place can also spark the fireworks and passion between two people. Do you love spending time in quiet places with your other half? Do you love long walks on the beach with the sand filling in between your toes, or staring at a mesmerising sunset? Without further ado, Romeos and Juliets let’s explore romantic things to do and places to visit in Ghana.

A romantic walk (sunset options included)

Fresh air, ocean waves, sun and sand or bird chirping in serene, lush surroundings. There is nothing like a long walk and cheerful conversations with your loved one. Ghana has an abundance of places worth visiting, we all know that by now. Here are a few places perfect for those long walks with your other half.

Aburi Botanical Garden

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Beautiful lawns, a mix of lush plants and trees, might just be the where you want to feel the love in the air. Aburi Gardens your best spot in the heart of Accra. It has rare species of flowers and beautiful landscapes designed to make it an ideal spot for everyone to enjoy. The picturesque nature of the environment is simply perfect for quality time with your loved one. Make pictures and then make some more! Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sweet scents of flowers and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Labadi Pleasure Beach

Sunset at Labadi

Labadi Beach and its exquisite Labadi Beach Hotel . It is one of the many places in Accra we added to this list because of the beautiful shoreline with sparsely spread coconut trees. It is the place for a romantic sunset. You and your significant other can enjoy lovely jazz music here or enjoy horse riding on the beach. Whatever you choose to do, this place will make it even better.

Jamestown Lighthouse

This is a perfect place for that P.E.R-fect sunset. One of the most picturesque places to enjoy a sunset! All you must do is make sure you get there before sunset, climb to the top and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Do not forget to take a panoramic selfie with your loved one–that would be close to unforgivable!

James Town Lighthouse

Things to do for ‘Adventure Souls’

Wli Waterfalls

If you two are both more of, as we call them, ‘Adventure Souls’, here are a few options to choose for you. Go for a hike to Shai Hills or Wli Waterfalls –mildly active day on top of a hill or at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ghana, might be the right choice. 

Now here is a note to ‘adrenaline junkies’ we know Paragliding Festival in Ghana usually happens in April. However, Nkawkaw town (“red red”) in Eastern Region of South Ghana is one of the major towns in Kwahu Mountains. You will find this town on paraglider maps, we are sure, and with a reason.

Romantic getaways

There are quite a few options for getaways in Ghana. While we can not list all of them in one article–here are a few we like. (FYI - This is not a sponsored opinion.)

Labadi Beach Hotel

The 5-star Labadi Beach Hotel with its beautifully designed rooms with sea views and a fresh breeze from the sea at night will make your getaway simply perfect.

Holy Trinity Spa

Nothing says romantic more than having a quality time with your significant other. If you side with us on this, then Holy Trinity Spa at Sogakope in the Volta Region is a brilliant choice. Famously known as “the best in Ghana and First in West Africa”, Holy Trinity Spa has everything you would desire in a romantic getaway. Outdoor pools, state-of-the-art movie theater, tasteful designs, SPA wing and so much more! You can join a canoe on Volta Lake or have a boat tour. Valentine’s Day or not, you will want to come back here!

Aqua Safari

In the Greater Accra Region, not too far from the capital, there is another unique hotel with breathtaking surroundings–Aqua Safari. What a wonderful place to spend with your significant other! Explore the Ada township and have a great time!

Ko-Sa Beach Resort

Ko-Sa Beach Resort at Ampenyi near Cape Coast is an environmentally aware and serene place. After taking long trips and exploring, a night at the resort would be unforgettable. Relax and enjoy a perfect day and/or night with your significant half in serene surroundings.

There are so many more romantic places to see and do in Ghana famous for their beauty, serene atmosphere and hospitality. Do something new and discover new places together with your loved one while we will keep working on inspiring you even more.

Desmond Dorvlo

Hi, I’m Desmond, I am a GhanaTRVL Insider.

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