Western North

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Welcome to the Western North region of Ghana

The Western North Region of Ghana, a rather recently formed area in the western part of the country. It is famous for its high rainfall and lush green hills and the abundance of timber resources.

The Sefwi ethnic group is the biggest cultural group in this region, and the major languages spoken are Sefwi, Akan, French, and English.

Nature lovers will find much to explore in the Western North Region. One of Ghana’s biggest and a must-visit parks, the Bia National Park, is located here. The park offers a diverse range of habitats, including rainforests, wetlands, and savannas, home to a wide variety of wildlife. Ankobra River, Bia River, and the Bia National Reserve are part of the UNESCO Biosphere.

The Western North Region is a great destination for exploring the natural and cultural diversity of Ghana.

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