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Welcome to the North East region of Ghana

The North-East Region of Ghana lies in the northern section of the country and offers a diverse range of landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, and friendly inhabitants. The capital of the region, Nalerigu, is a small town known for its rich culture and history. We invite you to visit the Nalerigu Traditional Council to learn more about the local culture and traditions. The region also has many traditional festivals and ceremonies taking place throughout the year such as the Damba Festival. Don't forget to visit also the Paga Crocodile Pond, which is a sacred site for the Dagomba people.

The North East region borders Burkina Faso and Togo and is famous for its savannah grasslands. This is home to a variety of wildlife such as antelopes, warthogs, and baboons. For those looking for an exciting activity, Mole National Park is an ideal spot for wildlife safari and hiking. It is Ghana's biggest wildlife reserve, offering visitors the chance to see elephants, lions, and other animals in their natural surroundings.

This is a fantastic destination for visitors who are looking for a perfect mix of culture, history, and fun. The locals are known for their warm hospitality and visitors can expect to be greeted with a smile wherever they go.

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