Black History Month


  • Historic event
  • 01 Feb 2024
  • Inhouse at: Ancestral Flavours Coffee and Juice Lounge
    Cape Coast - Central
  • Ghana
  • +233 244 741678


Join us at the Ancestral Flavours Coffee and Juice Lounge to celebrate the Black History Month.

Complete your visit to the Cape Coast Castle with a visit to Ancestral Flavours Coffee and Juice Lounge located inside Cape Coast Castle and fresh your self with freshly brewed coffee and freshly squeezed juices to invigorate your soul, body and mind after a traumatic Touring experience in the Cape Coast Castle.

We will also feature freely caught seafood in tasty sandwiches, spring rolls or with your favourite French fries. You can also try our special Ancestral Flavours menu for breakfast and lunch.

Join us in our Coffee and Conversation: An Educational workshop, memorial lecture, Questions and Answers on African heritage culture and history while you savour Flavours of unique herbs and spices on our New Masala chicken, fresh seafood platter and local baked pastry with our delicious vegan options.