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Community projects

Debby Bless Ghana Foundation

Advocating for People with Disability

Debby Bless Ghana Foundation actively engages in education, health, nutrition, shelter, and community development initiatives. Their efforts contribute to creating positive change in Ghana, making a meaningful impact in various areas.

Trede near D/A School,
Kumasi, Ashanti

Debby Bless Ghana Foundation

Have you heard about the Debby Bless Ghana Foundation? If not, let me share what they're up to in Ghana.

1. Education Initiatives

The foundation focuses on enhancing education opportunities. They provide necessary school supplies, construct classrooms, and offer scholarships, aiming to contribute to the educational development in Ghana.

2. Healthcare Support

Recognizing the importance of health, the foundation works towards ensuring accessible healthcare. They organize medical camps and promote hygiene awareness, addressing health concerns in the region.

3. Nutritional Programs

Addressing hunger and malnutrition, the foundation engages in projects to ensure that individuals in Ghana have sufficient access to nutritious meals.

4. Shelter Programs

Homelessness is a concern, and the foundation actively participates in building houses and offering shelter during emergencies, aiming to provide a secure living environment.

5. Community Development

The foundation plays a role in community building by organizing events, workshops, and programs that foster unity and support among people in Ghana.

You can find us here