Poetic Runway


  • Fashion or beauty event
  • 22 Dec 2023
  • Inhouse at: Jamestown Coffee Company
    Accra - Greater Accra
  • Ghana
  • +233 59 381 1606


Poetic Runway, a captivating event merging runway fashion and expressive poetry, embraces Ghana's cultural heritage and pan-Africanism under the theme "A Decade of African Renaissance".

This unique program unites talented poets, designers, models. and spectators, rostering unity and celebration. Poets will recite powerful verses reflecting Africa's diverse beauty, complemented by fashion inspired by traditional Ghanaian and pan-African aesthetics, symbolizing the continent's rebirth. The immersive experience sparks conversations about African identity, empowering both diaspora and Ghanaians while promoting Ghana as a vibrant cultural destination in line with Beyond The Return initiative's objectives.

Join us to celebrate Ghana and ignite pride in our African heritage.