Uniland Festival


  • Festival
  • 23 Dec 2023
  • La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
    Accra - Greater Accra
  • Ghana
  • +233 24 0402408


UNILAND is set to be largest global stage and the cutting-edge Ghanaian creative Students stage & tourism festival designed to attract a global audience to promote unity and build networks around the world helping bridging working capacities etc.

The festival will be a full day of immersive cultural experience that will bring together top Ghanaian artists and influencers to celebrate the convergence of various elements of popular Ghanaian culture (music, dance, food. art & crafts, fashion, Ghanaian groups & traditions) through an authentic yet cutting-edge production.

Umland will take place at four universities across West Africa, Europe and a final stage at the end of the year at a selected country.

Uniland gives you the opportunity to spend time exploring university life, networking - meeting students and staff, making friends and having an action
packed, fun experience that yields quality results.

The platform is established to bring together the best African creatives and networks among tertiary education and market in the youth of Africa main stream through Afrobeats, Hip hop, RnB, Dancehall, Amapiano, electric music and other genre of music as a universal language and more to celebrate; and maintain a quality networking of students in universities and tertiary institutions across the world.