Ankos Tadi in Accra


  • Music event
  • 12 Dec 2023
  • The Underbridge
    Accra - Greater Accra
  • Ghana
  • +233 24 0402408


Get ready for the exciting two-day event, Ankos Tadi in Accra.

This highly anticipated event will feature the captivating Masquerade performance from Takoradi, showcasing the Vibrant culture and talents of Ghana's Western Region.

Immerse yourself in traditional music, dance, and flavours that will transport you straight to the heart of Takoradi. As the rhythms of Ankos take centre stage, the air will buzz with excitement as attendees dance and revel in the energetic tunes.

Ankos Tadi is all about embracing Ghana's rich heritage, enjoying a day filled with laughter, music, spectacular performances. and, or course, delicious traditional Ghanaian cuisine.

Mark your calendar for this extraordinary event.